Friday, October 16, 2009

bad dogs!

We have two big dogs that like to get out of the back yard even though it is 1/3 of an acre. We live on a semi busy street and that is not good when they get out. So we have decided to hot wire the fence. The day Mark got it installed, Chloe went up and over and we thought maybe she didn't get popped. Right now I just let her off the leash and she TRIED going UNDER the fence, and got popped again. It is not like her to go under the fence. We have never seen her do that. I am thinking that she indeed DID get popped when she went over the other day. I am now in the house and she is in the back yard, not on a leash. I am praying that she will still be in the back yard every time I check on her. Then we will have victory over the dogs getting out and they can enjoy being dogs again and not staying on a leash all the time. Also, we must have victory because it is now ILLEGAL to have your animals tied up on a leash or chain. They have to be free roaming, WE WANT THEM FREE ROAMING, but in the BACK yard!