Monday, August 23, 2010

Back to school!

Today is the first day back to school! Z started 3rd grade. And M started JR High in 6th grade. It was the same ol same ol when dropping Z off. I took him to his class and he was excited. Then I took M to his school. We missed orientation because of vacation so I walked in with him to get his class schedule and find out about the buses. All was well there too. He went right in after allowing me a hug and a SMALL kiss on the forehead. Both boys are riding the bus home. It feels good to have some free time again :-)

I also picked up another weekly cleaning account today! YAY!

Blessings all around, thank you Jesus!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Our last night!

Tonight is our last night here in Myrtle Beach. We have had such a great time while we were here. Some highlights of our time:

> spending three mornings at the beach
> two nights of fireworks, 1 at the pier on the beach
> lots of quality time with Dad and Karon
> a full day at the water park!
> making friends on day 1 with a mother and her 9 year old son, Tami and Seth. This friendship bonded everyday we were here! Even exchanged #s so we can stay in touch.
> Zachery only got hurt once, on our last day :-(
> Mark and I got to spend some great time with the boys during this trip!
> Lots of sleep and relaxation was had by all of us.

Dad and Karon are taking us out to dinner tonight at a fancy restaurant. We are all excited. Then it will be time to fold the clean clothes in the dryer, pack up the luggage, and get ready for our 9am departure tomorrow morning. Its been a wonderful week. A~

Monday, August 16, 2010

Must remember OFF

We made it here to Myrtle Beach, SC yesterday around late lunch time. Perfect drive from TX. We drove through one little storm and that was it. We stopped half way in Alabama and stayed in a hotel. Nice queen beds and nice pillows! Last night Grandpa and Zachery went out to play some catch in the yard. 20 minutes later, he came back in with 2 mosquito bites on his forehead and 1 on his neck. I FORGOT TO PUT HIS OFF ON! I knew better then to let him go out without it. ggggrrr. So today Dad (my husband) and Zachery went out to play ball and I did not forget it! I really want Z to enjoy our time here and if he is all eaten up, he wont.

This afternoon Grandpa and Grandma Karon (from on the Gs) will be taking the boys to an amusement park here in town somewhere. Gs told me we could come with or we could enjoy some alone time to play around town. Such a hard choice cause we love spending time with our boys. But we love spending time today too. AND the boys love being spoiled by Gs and sometimes when us parents are around, we say no to some things.... hhhmmmmm we will let the boys decide parents or no parents! Either way, I'm sure fun will be had by all :-)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The boys are home!

I am so happy to have the boys back home! Monday evening I picked them up at the airport. I had never been in there and our airport has two gates, one on each end of the building. Funny. The first thing they wanted to show me was the pictures of the pilots and the flight attendants they took on their new DSi's. The pilot told Marcus he could take his pic as long as it didn't end up on Facebook!! I thought that was hilarious. The boys said the flights were fun. The time at the lay over room in Dallas was kinda boring! But they were very happy to fly alone and not make another 24 hr drive home!

Since their return, we have gone bowling each day, yesterday we had the pleasure of swimming over at a clients house. The night before we got to swim with friends in the pool at their apartments. Today we are going bowling, then going to have lunch with Mark at work. The kids are really excited about that! But now I hear Zachery screaming at the top of his lungs because he was bouncing around in his room and hurt himself. And of course he wont tell me what happened. And to think it is only 11am. I still have the whole day ahead of us! LOLOL Off we go :-)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

A summer of spoiling

Mark and I are blessed to have our families! The last 2 years we have sent the boys back "home" for the summer. This year they have been spoiled rotten. First Mark's mom, then his brother Mike, then Auntie Julie, then my Mom and finally my bothers Shane and Frank. Marcus and Zachery have been to the movies more in the last month then all year. They went to Knotts Berry Farm with Aunt Julie and cousins Cassie and Tony, Uncle Mike bought them toys, and to cap off the summer Uncles Shane and Frank bought them thier Bday gifts. Each of them got a new DSi XL and a game to go with it. Less than a week after they get home we will be going on vaca to Myrtle Beach. Needless to say their summer has been full full full of fun! that is what summer should be about right? Im praying life long memories are being made! I cant wait to hear about it tomorrow night.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

2 years later......

We finally got our things up on the walls that should have been there all along! I think that was the official last faze of my decluttering. Mark was awesome and spent about 2 hrs hanging pictures, shelves, posters, fixing my curtain rod. When all was said and done, my wish list was empty and my love tank was overflowing!

Friday, August 6, 2010

My very own closet

I am so happy that I now have my very own closet. For the last two years Mark and I have been sharing one. It is not that big. We both hang alot of our clothes. It was a source of frustration for me when it came to putting clean clothes away, which has turned into my most disliked chore. Well yesterday I cleaned out the top shelf and floor area of the front entry closet. Later that day, I had the bright idea to move the jackets to the closet of their owners' and that would empty it out for me use it for my clothes! It was a perfect idea. Last night I made the big move! I didn't realize how happy I would be to have more closet space. And Mark is sure to be happy too. I only wish I would have thought about this sooner :-) Its the simple things in life.....