Tuesday, February 17, 2009

God and Family with the Boy Scouts

Last Sunday was Scouts Sunday in TX. For the last 6 weeks the BS have been doing a program called "God and Family" that is geared to teach the boys about God and the way He works in our families. It was a great program and Marcus and Zachery learned so much. Each boy received a Pin to go on their uniform. There was a big ceromony for this special occasion. God and Family is so important in TX that our Congressman Ralph Hall came to award each boy their Pin.
Here is where the boys are waiting to receive their award.
Marching into the worhsip center. There are about 150 boys in our pack and 14 were awarded the "Eagle" title this day. What an honor. I hope our boys continue all the way to the end to earn "Eagle." After what they say this afternoon they said they wanted to. I will do all I can to help them. This is such a great organization. If you have boys and they are not in Boy Scouts, I would encourage you to enroll them.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Boys and Boys and more Boys

This has been the scene at my house for the last couple of Satrudays. A bunch of boys! I learned quickly that it is nice to have them all around cause they keep each other occupied and then I can get "me stuff" done! I also enjoy being able to give these boys time away from home, their siblings, and just some veg time! I think all kids need that since they are going going going during the week with school anf sports. Plus it gived their parents some alone time too and I know we all need that some time. I am ready for mine! I have been SSSSOOOO sick this last week. I could use some myself. Do you usually have a house full or do your kids go thier friends' houses?

Sunday, February 15, 2009

House Guest!

I just love having house guests. For the last few weeks Maria has been staying with us so she could work here and make some money. We have enjoyed having her here. One thing we loved the most was when she taught me how to make enchiladas! I am always looking for new things to cook and this was perfect. Mark loves enchiladas and so now I can make them for him when ever he wants. It was also the first time I had ever tried them, and I loved them. Now I can add another dish to my "likes" list. :-) Thanks Maria for everything you did for us while you were here!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Family Night

On Tuesdays we have our weekly "Family Night." Last Tuesday we decided that it would be nice to go to the park and go for a bike ride. It was beautiful outside! We knew there was a riding trail we just did know how long it was. We were very surprised and bummed out to find it was only 1/4 mile long. We rode it a couple of times and then went back home. Even though the ride was short, we took time to look at the views and to watch the sun set behind the trees. I am going to ask around and find us another trail to ride. It is something we all enjoy, and it is great exercise! What do you do for Family nights?

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Briefs, Bikini, or Thong

Ok so this may be a little personal and maybe even TMI but here it goes. I received a gift card from my mother-in-law for Christmas to Victoria's Secret. I love this place! Mark took me there today to do my shopping. I have not purchased any new panties in like 3 years. This is of course is what I wanted to buy. I immediately went to the table with the high-leg briefs and chose 4 pretty prints. Then I stopped and looked at Mark and thought to myself, does he care that I wear these "Grannie panties" instead of the cute little bikini or thong styles? Then the second thought came to mind, do I want cuteness or comfort? Being the sometimes selfish person I am, I chose to go with comfort over cuteness and only got one pair of bikini panties and 4 pair of high-leg briefs. My excuses are that I dont like the thong for obvious reason, my big butt, and the bikini rides right below my C-section line and fatness. HA! Mark did not say anything.... maybe it does not matter to him.... or maybe he was just not going to go there!!! LOL So I ask you, cuteness or comfort? Does your significant other care?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Ever since moving here to TX and taking on the role of full time House Wife, I really have changed the way I think and the things I do. Here is a recent example:
We went to a Super Bowl Party at our pastor's house. We had so much fun! I had so much fun cause I got to cook and prepare food for others. Usually when I have a potluck dish to make I think of the easiest, quickest, cheapest thing to make. Not this time. I have really learned to enjoy cooking for others and giving it my best. This time I made lasagna, deleved eggs, and this platter with cheese and crackers. I know it may seem silly that I would post about this and how it made me feel, but I felt so good and so proud of what I created! Everyone there enjoyed the food. :-)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

To be or not to be.....GREEN

This year one of my goals is to be more environment friendly. I have always been this way but now I want to be more intentional about it. I love to car pool, ride my bike, or whatever I can do to save gas fumes in the air. I always recycle stuff. Reuse plastic bags. Wear clothes a couple times before washing them, unless they stink. I just really have a passion right now about our environment. I went to the market the other day for a few items and realized that I seem to make more trips to the market for 1 or 2 things at a time, since I am only shopping once a month for the majority of our grocery needs. I figured buying this bag for $1 and using it every time would be a good way to help. I can fit a lot in this bag and it is so much nicer to carry than the plastic bags. Even two gallons of milk! It makes me feel like I am contributing to the green movement. Are you? What do you do in an effort to be more Green? Do you care about the condition of our environment?

Monday, February 2, 2009

House full of BOYS!!

Saturday was a really FUN day. It started out with Marcus's basketball game, which they won. Then we dropped Zachery off at the bowling alley for a birthday party. This was the first time that he had been invited to one. He is finally at that age now!! While he was there Marcus and I went and met with some friends at the local park. We packed a picnic lunch and took all the balls with us. At 2 I went back to pick up Zachery and brought him to the park. We left there at 3:30 to go home. On the way home we stopped over at Jaderious and Micah's house and picked them up for an afternoon of play time. Then at 4 Bailey called to see if he could come over to hang out! At this point I was like, sure, the more the merrier. I had this house full of boys till almost 9!! It was fun. They were taking turns on the computer, playing the Wii, and watching the flat screen. There were no fights, no arguing, no crying. I loved it. I did tell them that the first sign of any fighting, everyone was going home. Maybe that helped keep the peace! I was so happy I even fed them dinner and baked them a batch of brownies! Well I would have fed them dinner anyways, but the brownies were a treat! It was a good time had by all. We must do this again soon!