Tuesday, February 17, 2009

God and Family with the Boy Scouts

Last Sunday was Scouts Sunday in TX. For the last 6 weeks the BS have been doing a program called "God and Family" that is geared to teach the boys about God and the way He works in our families. It was a great program and Marcus and Zachery learned so much. Each boy received a Pin to go on their uniform. There was a big ceromony for this special occasion. God and Family is so important in TX that our Congressman Ralph Hall came to award each boy their Pin.
Here is where the boys are waiting to receive their award.
Marching into the worhsip center. There are about 150 boys in our pack and 14 were awarded the "Eagle" title this day. What an honor. I hope our boys continue all the way to the end to earn "Eagle." After what they say this afternoon they said they wanted to. I will do all I can to help them. This is such a great organization. If you have boys and they are not in Boy Scouts, I would encourage you to enroll them.

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