Thursday, January 21, 2010

Been busy

So its been 3 months since I have blogged. That's too long! A lot has been happening. Today one thing on my mind, did Mark and I make the right choice to help Z with school by putting him on adhd meds. We got his last report card and what a difference it was! He had ALL E's on the behavior side. Last year it was all F's. He now has more friends in school and more friends that want to come visit with him outside of school. He seems to have more self confidence and is not in trouble so much. All in all, we have seem some MAJOR improvements. The only down fall....... He is not eating lunch. And he wants to. He likes to eat. He gets the food, then just talks to his friends and doesn't even touch his plate. I noticed this, so when I go to the school on Thursdays and Fridays to eat with him, I don't even have him get the food. We have been going to the school library and getting books of his choice for me to read to him. (he can now sit and enjoy listening to a good story!) He seems to like this. He gets good books and helps read them too. But he complains about not being able to eat. Today after reading for 15 minutes, he tells me he is hungry. So we go get the tray lunch. He did not want to eat it once we sat down. I don't show him any of my frustration, cause he has his own. I did manage to get him to take about 4 bites of his burger and a few sips of milk. We went to the docs for a follow up visit and they said this is normal and that is still doing good, because he had gained 6 pounds since starting. So I am doing my job well, making sure he eats breakfast and dinner.
I type all this just to vent. I really feel like we are doing the right thing because the pros out weigh the negatives by many times over. I just wish there was a PERFECT solution, before we get to heaven. :-)

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Tracy said...

I haven't blogged in a while either so don't feel bad. I keep up with you on Facebook. I totally understand the struggle of medication. For us it was survival. The eating thing has been challenging for D too. What I did find that helped a lot was Ensure of instant breakfast. D gained 6 pounds in three months. He hasn't wanted it lately but growing spurts usually last for no more than a month. He just went over the 60 pound mark and he's is 54 inches. If zachary is making that much progress then don't feel bad about putting him on medication. But you're right, there is no perfect solution.