Saturday, July 31, 2010

wonderful husband

I'm so thankful for Mark. Over the last few days he has seen me de-cluttering the house and some of the closets. So today being Sat he is out in the garage working on changing out the truck beds. It is great for a few reasons. 1 he has wanted to get this done for over a year. 2 we need the space in the garage the replacement bed was taking up. 3 getting this done is going to motivate him to continue cleaning and get other projects finished. In an effort to help him de-clutter his garage, I was able to get 2 CD racks for this HUGE box of Cd's that he keeps moving around. He was very happy to see them full of his Cd's. I'm still looking for 2 more! progress is being made and that makes me a happy wife :-)

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