Monday, February 15, 2010

I love savingsss

Thank you Lord for the snow day on Friday. I was able to hold off on shopping for the class party till today and I got it all at 50% off. I even got bags with stuff and the boys! Came home and made a heart shaped chocolate cake for Mark and the kids. They all enjoyed their V-day gifts. My vote is to celebrate all holidays one day after the actual day cause we can save a lot of money and get more stuff for the same price!!
Here are the goodies I had in the bags for the boys. Little toys and 1 little box of candy!
Here is my attempt at being creative with making a heart cake! Mark liked it. He liked it more because he knows that being creative is not my strong suit....

Here is what they all came home too after Boy Scouts tonight!
Happy Valentine's Day to my Hubby and sons!

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The Chelette Family said...

I am so with you on saving money. I've been bargain shopping myself and it's a blast. Great job and the steals!