Thursday, February 4, 2010

so emotional...

but for a good reason, kinda. I was moved. To the check out line at Wal-mart.

I was standing there at the express check out and looked around as I was day dreaming. I saw a man with an employee over in the bakery area. She was helping him put a cake in his buggy. I didn't think anything out of the norm but I blinked and the next thing I saw was him pushing his buggy to the check out stand....WITH HIS CHEST. You see, he has no arms. Only stubs up at his shoulders. He had only one leg and an artificial leg. He immediately started unloading his few items WITH HIS TEETH!!! He had 2 2 lt bottles and some other stuff. That is when I teared up, watching him do this. I was in shock. I just stood there. Staring. I have never seen this before. I know people loose their arms, legs, eyes, and they have to learn to adapt. This guy did for sure. After the second bottle of soda a young kid about Marcus's age went to ask him if he could help. The guy accepted, not too proud! I teared up again. I was so happy that someone went to help him. That could have been me helping, should have been me helping, but I was still in shock and didn't move. There were a few people in line before me so I had a few minutes to get myself together before I had to speak. Thank God. I was reminded by this event of a few things. To be thankful for my arms and hands. I take them for granted. To be thankful for my two natural legs. I need to use them more, they are a blessing. Also, to share this story tonight with the boys as a teaching moment on how to show God's love to someone at the grocery store, even though I fell short on this opportunity and someone else got the blessing. I think that is the real lesson, hearing God speak and do what he is telling you to!

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Roxanna Grimes said...

Angie, you don't know me...loved this post. I need you to contact me. I am a friend of Erik and Nancy's. Contact me at