Monday, April 5, 2010

Alive from the dead!!!!

About 10 years ago my brother, Shane, bought Mark and I a NICE self propelled lawnmower. It was great! I looked forward to taking care of our yards each weekend. Well when we moved here, it started giving us problems. The gas tank leaked. Then the leaks got worse. It was guzzling the gas. When it would run out of gas and we refilled it, it would not start. A few other things were also going out on it. We pampered it the first year it gave us trouble. Last year it was just too much for me. I would get so frustrated with it cause I would get part of the yard done and then it would quit on me. FRUSTRATING!!!

Off to Home Depot we went. Got a nice used mower and off I went. Towards the end of the summer the self propelled part was now Angie propelled. Again, frustrating. I was so happy when the grass stopped growing for the winter cause I didn't have to deal with having two mowers that I could not use.

It is now spring time and I am longing to get back out in the yard and get to work. Mark went and got a belt for mower #2. Wrong belt, didn't work. Now the mower would not crank. Mark gave up and I took it to the shop!! Finally an end to some mower drama! I got a call today that it would cost $105 to fix it. I was so happy.

Well in the mean time, Mark decides to take apart the gas tank on mower #1 and glue up all the cracks! 1st try was good. He got the tank back on, and mower started and pulled beautifully, but then gas started leaking out again! Darn!! He took the tank back off and did some more gluing. Put it all back together tonight, and mowed the front yard!!! I WAS SO HAPPY!! Now he is speaking my love language!! Mark said there was a couple more little repairs that he needed to do, but it works good in the mean time.

This last weekend, I had 2 mowers and neither of them worked! This weekend, I will have 2 mowers and they BOTH will be working. Music to my ears :-) I'm a happy girl with a wonderful husband!!

Thank you Shane for buying us a great mower that with a little TLC is still working 10 years later! Your money was not wasted and we are so thankful for that gift!

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