Sunday, April 18, 2010


Today in church we talked about friendships. It was perfect timing for me as I am still working very hard in this area. I wrote a blog post about it a couple weeks ago. Today confirmed to me that we do indeed need friendships. They don't need to rule our lives. We don't need to put them before our friendship with God. But we do need them. It was great to see the model friendship between Johnathan and David. It was great to read about this pure, non perverted love between two people with such a strong friendship. So many times in our society when two people have such a friendship the world says it should not be so. When two men or women have this friendship, they are looked at and people may think, "are they just friends?" Or when a man and a woman have this great friendship, people may think, "are they just friends?" I wish this was not so. I wish the world could look at two people hanging out and having a deep conversation or relationship and the first thing that comes to their mind be, "WOW. Those two are showing what friendship should look like!"

So I posted the above post then thought about it some more and I have more to say! We live in a sinful world. That is why the above stereotypes are what they are! of course this is just my thought. There is so much sin happening that when when pure friendship is happening it is questioned. The other day my friend posted on her FB that she was out having lunch with her guy BFF. This is great! This tells me a couple things about her. She and her husband are safe and secure in their marriage. The guy BFF is safe and secure in his marriage, if he is married. And that my friend values her friendships whether they are with a male or female. Growing up I always had more male friends than I did female friends. We always hung out. Went to eat. It was always pure. I still have male friends. But I don't get to spend time with them, because of what I think the world will think. Maybe that is the problem. I am too concerned with what the world will think. God wants us to have friendships; he gave us great examples to live by. ok thats all for now. My brain is on overload.

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