Thursday, August 12, 2010

The boys are home!

I am so happy to have the boys back home! Monday evening I picked them up at the airport. I had never been in there and our airport has two gates, one on each end of the building. Funny. The first thing they wanted to show me was the pictures of the pilots and the flight attendants they took on their new DSi's. The pilot told Marcus he could take his pic as long as it didn't end up on Facebook!! I thought that was hilarious. The boys said the flights were fun. The time at the lay over room in Dallas was kinda boring! But they were very happy to fly alone and not make another 24 hr drive home!

Since their return, we have gone bowling each day, yesterday we had the pleasure of swimming over at a clients house. The night before we got to swim with friends in the pool at their apartments. Today we are going bowling, then going to have lunch with Mark at work. The kids are really excited about that! But now I hear Zachery screaming at the top of his lungs because he was bouncing around in his room and hurt himself. And of course he wont tell me what happened. And to think it is only 11am. I still have the whole day ahead of us! LOLOL Off we go :-)

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