Sunday, August 8, 2010

A summer of spoiling

Mark and I are blessed to have our families! The last 2 years we have sent the boys back "home" for the summer. This year they have been spoiled rotten. First Mark's mom, then his brother Mike, then Auntie Julie, then my Mom and finally my bothers Shane and Frank. Marcus and Zachery have been to the movies more in the last month then all year. They went to Knotts Berry Farm with Aunt Julie and cousins Cassie and Tony, Uncle Mike bought them toys, and to cap off the summer Uncles Shane and Frank bought them thier Bday gifts. Each of them got a new DSi XL and a game to go with it. Less than a week after they get home we will be going on vaca to Myrtle Beach. Needless to say their summer has been full full full of fun! that is what summer should be about right? Im praying life long memories are being made! I cant wait to hear about it tomorrow night.

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