Monday, August 16, 2010

Must remember OFF

We made it here to Myrtle Beach, SC yesterday around late lunch time. Perfect drive from TX. We drove through one little storm and that was it. We stopped half way in Alabama and stayed in a hotel. Nice queen beds and nice pillows! Last night Grandpa and Zachery went out to play some catch in the yard. 20 minutes later, he came back in with 2 mosquito bites on his forehead and 1 on his neck. I FORGOT TO PUT HIS OFF ON! I knew better then to let him go out without it. ggggrrr. So today Dad (my husband) and Zachery went out to play ball and I did not forget it! I really want Z to enjoy our time here and if he is all eaten up, he wont.

This afternoon Grandpa and Grandma Karon (from on the Gs) will be taking the boys to an amusement park here in town somewhere. Gs told me we could come with or we could enjoy some alone time to play around town. Such a hard choice cause we love spending time with our boys. But we love spending time today too. AND the boys love being spoiled by Gs and sometimes when us parents are around, we say no to some things.... hhhmmmmm we will let the boys decide parents or no parents! Either way, I'm sure fun will be had by all :-)

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