Monday, March 29, 2010

Brain Dump #2

Foods!!! This is another area God spoke to me about this weekend!

So we are NOT the healthiest eaters in this world. Shock shock!! Well lets be honest, you would for sure put us in the "Horrible Eaters" group. But I am going to attempt to change that a bit! Now don't go falling off your rockers, because I don't think we will be eating any more veggies than we do now, but I plan to change other areas of our diet. The first one is we are going to switch from white bread to wheat bread. We are out of bread at the moment, so now is the perfect time to make the switch. Another change, I will be adding fruit to every meal we eat. I told the boys this morning on the way to school that for now on we will be eating fruit with our meals unless they would rather I make veggies. Well I am sure you know how that went!! They choose fruit. I have lots of it in the house. Fresh green and red apples, oranges, grapes. I have canned peaches and pears. I am going to increase the monthly fruit budget to help in this area.
Another change will be healthier after school snacks. Like less chips and cookies and more peanut butter with crackers. Or cheese and crackers. Or sandwiches.
We also will not be drinking sodas. Now we already hardly ever have them, but for now I wont be buying any soda at all. I know this wont be hard to implement because Mark does not ask for soda for work either. We do tend to eat out more than we should. Especially when we have full cupboards and a full freezer. I will be making more of an effort to plan ahead for dinner meals. I will HAVE to remember to take out some meat to defrost. That is the main problem. I forgot about the meat. Moving forward my goal is to be better about that! I also need to make sure that I remember my family first before all other things that cloud my mind. I forget that we have busy nights and that I need to cook dinner before we leave the house in the evenings. I can not continue to think that I can cook a good meal after boy scouts or after base ball practice.
So there you have it! Brain dump #2. It sounds like I need to prioritize and make better decisions for our family. And that starts NOW!! Please pray for us!!

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