Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Brain Dump #3

I will trust the Lord. I will trust the Lord. I will I will I will. Must remember this.

One of the lessons we learned at CCWR was to trust the Lord and when doing so I will have His peace. I like the idea. I think it is way easier said than done. I am real quick to pray and talk to God about things but I have a hard time LEAVING them at His feet. I like to pick them back up and think about them some more and more and more.... I learned that I need to worry about nothing and pray about everything. I am doing the second half well and well I'm working on the first half :-) I think the real problem is my "I'VE got to have everything under control 100% of the time" way of thinking needs to change. I like order. I like knowing my plans. I love knowing I am saved by grace cause God is cringing at my worriedness right now. I knew that since this is the way I am, and that He has a huge sence of humor, He would be sure to give me a lesson in this area right away and sure enough He has wasted NOOOO time getting right to it!

Our renters gave 30 day notice to our management company yesterday. This is our first time dealing with one tenant moving out and another moving in.....hopefully soon. We were always afraid of this day. The wondering of how long our house will be empty. How long before we have new renters. How much will they be willing to pay? How much will we have to pay to cover the mortgage and for how many months will the house be empty. What does our house look like? How much work and money will it take to get it back to rentable condition? AAAHHHH all these questions running through my head.

Oh Lord, I come to you now with these thoughts. I trust you with them now, Lord. Please go before us, and bless our current renters in their new rental house, that it would be a perfect fit for them, their kids and their dogs. Lord, please bring us new renters in your perfect timing, hopefully soon. Please give Mark and I your peace during this transition. Help me to leave this at your feet and not pick it back up. I truly want to give this over to you. Please guide Mark and I as we have to make the decisions for our plan to move forward. Thank you for hearing my heart. Amen

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Jen said...

Angie this is so stressful, but God will get you through it!! You're in my prayers