Sunday, March 28, 2010

Lots to do

WOW! I had an amazing time this weekend at the Calvary Chapel Women's Retreat in the Ozarks, AR. The drive up with beautiful. I had lots of drive time to look at the surrounds all around me, knowing each and every thing I saw was perfectly created by the one and only God. Who else could have do all this? It was the prefect way to start out a weekend that was all about Him and what He is doing and going to do in my life. I knew at this point that I was in for a God filled time with lovely ladies that love the Lord as I do. What I didn't know, is that in my opinion, I have so much more learning and loving to do. To see the love of Jesus pour out of these ladies was so inspiring and I could do nothing but take it all in and weep. Weep for the fact that I thought I loved Jesus will all I had, and I clearly saw that He wants to much more of me, so much more of my life, so much more of my heart, so much of my mind, so much more of ME as a whole! and the fun thing is that I am ready to give it to Him. I know its not going to happen over night. I know that loves grows as the relationship grows. I know that that relationship can not grow if I am not talking to him daily, reading his word daily, and implementing it in my life daily.
We were challenged a lot this weekend to give our WHOLE life over to Jesus. That's whats he wants from us. I kept hearing over and over in my head the one area that I have been holding onto so tightly is what I read. I have subscriptions to People magazine and US magazine. I know that I should give those up and I will. I also know that He wants me to give up the majority of my unread books as I know they are not appropriate material for a Christian lady to be reading. The funny thing is that I have had all these books for the last 4-5 years and have not read them. I got them all on sale at Barns and Noble back in CA. But since then, I have been reading all Christan novels, books from church, and Godly books loaned to me by other Christian ladies. My heart has not even been to read these other unread books, but I didn't want to give them up. Well I am finally ready to. I am going to post them to tonight and when I trade them and I am going to get all Christian books. I am very excited about this change in my heart. I am realizing that I was holding onto materialist things (books) instead of my relationship with Christ. I know this may seem pretty lame, but for me this is a big deal. Please pray that I would desire to draw closer to Jesus. This is my prayer and I am going to try everyday to evaluate what I could be doing to please Him with my obedience.
I have so much more to "download" from this weekend. So the blog will be full of "brain dump" for a while to come! If I can be an inspiration to someone else to grow in their own relationship with Jesus, it will be worth it to share my thoughts and progress with others.

Blessing! Angie


The Chelette Family said...

It sounds like an amazing and inspiring weekend. Proud of you for having the courage to go. I hesitate to go to women's retreats because I feel out of place. I know I shouldn't. I can't wait to hear what else you learned and where else God is taking your heart.

Siobhan said...

Hey girl,

I'm so glad that you were blessed at the retreat! I so enjoyed looking at your sweet face during the workshop. I loved reading your blog!!!

Siobhan (The Gathering CC Cabot)