Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Last night...no sleeping issues

Thank you everyone who shared some advise with me regarding my son's sleeping issues. Last night was a great night. He did not wake up once! We prayed with him and played Christian music on his radio. Today I am going to sit and write down all the scriptures you shared and start with that tonight. He is still sleeping with his brother and that helps. The problem is his brother is 9 and will be wanting his privacy soon so I need to start moving him into his own room little by little. Parenting never ends!
God is showing me many things in this season of life. 1- He loves me. 2- I am not perfect. 3-it is OK to reach out and ask for support-even from people you may not know. 4- I should always be humble and know that others are sharing in the same issues as I am. 5- God gave me these gifts because He knew I could handle it, even when I am so frustrated and ready to give up. 6- He is showing me that I have not be focusing on and trusting Him enough and I need to! 7- He gave me the perfect husband that delites in raising our boys.
Thank you everyone, I feel loved.

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Marsamifw said...

I shared in those feelings when I was raising you kids...only not the husband part. I am happy Zack is sleeping now. Maybe a picture of Jesus on his wall so he can see that his is being watched over. Kids relate to physical things where we as adults not need the physical to make it real. Love you! There is a famous picture where two children are crossing a bridge and their guardian angle is watching over them. I had one in my room when I was growing up. It helps!