Sunday, December 14, 2008

Out with the old, in with the new, again~

Just in time for the cold winter weather, Mark got the final window replaced
with the new vinyl double pane windows. Three of the rooms look like this one. It really is two separate windows combined to make one. These windows are the original ones they put in when the house was built. We could feel the cold air coming right thru them.
This is what the new ones look like. Much better right? I hope this helps with our heating bill that went from $25 to $90 this last month. Also, when we replaced the windows in the house in Cali each window was a different size and we had to special order them all. Not this time. ALL 9 windows were the same size and they are a stock item at Home Depot and all for less than $800. This is our first project in our new home, it went smooth and without any issues. Mark is so awesome, he can fix anything around this house, a true blessing for God. The next project is the sliding doors, when we get back home. I love home remodeling. Its fun!

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