Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Wall oven

Whats wrong with this picture? The digital clock thing is not on. That is because 3 months ago it broke giving error codes that forced the oven to not work. 1 1/2 months ago I finally called the home warranty company to tell them so it can be fixed. One week later repair guy comes, orders part, then comes back a week later. Installs part, still not bueno, orders another part. 3 weeks later calls to tell me part is no longer available. Now I am waiting for the "options" department of the home warranty company to call so we can get a new one. It has been three months since I have been able to bake chicken, blue berry muffins, biscuits, pork chops, etc.... The good news is now we will be getting a new one for FREE. God is showing me how to be patient and to be thankful I have an oven and not to be irritated when I need to be wifely/motherly and use it. :-) I think laziness is my core sin. What is yours?


Dina said...

I would rather not think about what my sin is LOL!
but yay for a new oven!!!

Jen said...

laziness is mine as well! sometimes, like finals week- ay ay ay