Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Winter and 25 degree weather

Now this is what winter should be like. Right now in California it is still in the 80s. We have been so excited to have a true winter, now that it is here..... we NEED jackets. Marcus already lost his. Mark and I are going to make a trip to the thrift stores today. We cant $30-$50 on jackets when they loose them like they cost $5.
This is on the bend of our street. The boys were so excited to see all the ice. They want snow.

I have decided that 6:40 AM and 25 degrees is too early and too cold for us to be out waiting for the school bus. So I will be taking them to school now. It will be getting colder and colder as we get into Jan and Feb.
I warmed up the car so it was toasty for the boys.

I pray every night that the cold and ice does not get the better of this tree. We got a quote to have it taken down for $800. It is the cheapest so far. Anyone want to donate towards the cause? :-)

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