Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Help? No thank you

Z said he was trying to help me so I would not have to do it for him. I said to him, if he is trying to help, then he can remind me to sign his paper.
I know it is kinda blurry but if look closely you will see that my 6 year old has decided to forge my signature on his homework calender. The only one I really signed was Monday. He signed the others and signed for a day that was just instructions, not even an assignment. So we had a talk about what can happen when you sign someone elses name to something. He said he would not do this again. Iwonder if his teacher even noticed? It is always interesting around here. :-)


Jen said...

you have to sign that every day? Were you wondering where it was? Yikes- having kids is gonna be stressful some day :)

Marsamifw said...

Hey.... Zack sounds just like his mom!!!! I remember when you forged my signature on your school work! Love you... LOL