Thursday, January 22, 2009

Out with the old, In with the new: Set 6

New cook top stove!! So here is the deal on this nice new piece of kitchen equipment. We got the gift card from our Home Warranty comp for the new wall oven. Remember? Well since Mark can pick up our products we save on delivery and he can also install them so we save on installation. Well as it turned out, I got a great deal on the oven and saved so much on the Del and Inst. that we ended up with all but $25.00 of the money to buy this new cook top stove! That's right, it was not free but practically free, only $25.00 out of our pockets!
It matches the new oven and the new dishwasher! It was about an inch too wide for the hole so Mark shaved it a bit till it slid right in. Then he had to run an extension cord to the area cause the new stove has an electric igniter. These were the only two issues we had. Not too bad!!
This new one has sealed burners so the food wont collect under the burners. I like that part.
Here is what the old one looks like. I am telling you, this think is as old as I am. Half of the burners did not work all the time and the knobs were all melted and didn't turn the way they should have! It was time for an upgrade!
Ugly old white cook top! Bye Bye, see ya later, don't you come back no more no more no more no more!!

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