Monday, January 5, 2009

Out with the old..In with the new: Set 4?

I love my husbands creativity! A few days before we left for our trip to Cal someone decided to run off the road and right over our mail box. We didn't have any time to take care of it, so the post master didn't deliver any of our mail while we gone. I called the next morning to see where our mail was and Mrs. Postmaster told us we MUST put up a new box to get our mail delivery back. So take a look at what my husband put together! All for under $20! He is awesome...
This is what we saw! Someone totally ran into it....HARD! This is a solid metal post that has been pushed over. Mark had to hook the chain to it and pull it straight with the truck.
Hanging on for dear life.
All better now. Straight up and down with two nice mail boxes on it!
Like the Kawasaki Green Flames?? We do... I hope our uppity neighbors do too. :-)
Mark did such a great job!
Out with the with the new: Set 5 to come in 5 more days!!


Anonymous said...

Love the mailbox, but you may have started a new trend in your neighborhood. Mailboxes on the!

Anonymous said...

Love the mailbox! No, I didn't know that you had experienced a damaged mailbox. But, you might want to be morning all the mailboxes made be transformed into other bright colors of flames! smile