Sunday, January 4, 2009

My legacy

"character is what you do when nobody is looking, and I now think that friendship is what you do when nobody asks you. True friends just know, they just understand. Friends don’t have to be told, they sense it. They fill you up when you are empty, and they pick you up when you have fallen."

I read this over at this blog today and starting thinking, this is what I want people to think of when they think of/remember me. I love to love my friends, help them when I can, be there for them when I can. I always wonder to myself, have a done enough for this person? Have I met their needs? Have I been a good friend to them? I am sure the answer has been No, many times, but my desire is for the answer to always be YES, I have been the best friend I can be, doing all I can do.

Reading Michell's Blog for the last 5 months has really changed my outlook on life. I am reminded that tomorrow is never promised, to live as if this is your last day. I am reminded to spend more time with my boys, doing the things they want to do. So many times they ask me to play and I am preoccupied with this or that, really nothing important and I am loosing out on precious time with them.

I am reminded to share in Mark's hobbies because it brings him joy. So many times I just think I will be so bored, but I am learning how to find things we can share in because it means more time I get to spend with him. I am always being reminded that I am a piece of molding clay, being shaped, formed, reshaped, reformed, often, sometimes daily, with the goal of turning into the master piece I know He has planned for me. 1 day I will get there, while trying, I am learning to be the best friend I can be and hope to gain many friends like this along the way.

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Dina said...

nice post, Angie - thanks for the reminder!