Friday, January 30, 2009

Upwards Basketball

They boys are playing upwards basketball. It is a league put together with the churches in our area. Here is Zachery looking upwards and probably praying he makes a basket.

During half times there is a little devotional time where they learn a lesson from the Bible. It is so cute how they teach the kids these stories in little more than 5 minutes.
Before and after each game they pray together and ask the kids if there anything they need prayer for. They also ask if any of the players want to say the prayer. Pretty cool!
So tonight, Zachery had his third game of the season and he must have forgotten that we were playing basketball and not football because he fouled out with 5 fouls for TACKLING!!! Go figure. Next Friday night is another game and another shot at not fouling out! It sure is fun to watch....

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