Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Big Ol' Rat

This little dog was in the parking lot when we got out of Bible Study on Wednesday. We didn't want to leave it there for fear it would get run over. We brought it home. Our BIG dogs had a fit and wanted to eat it for dinner. We had to keep them outside or her locked in a room. It was a mess. Well Friday AM when I opened the door to let the boys out to get on the bus the dang dog got out in between my legs. We tried to get it but it was like a rat and darted everywhere. We did not get it. We all left to school and work. I got a call from the shelter, they had it. I told them it was lost and that we picked it up. So now they are trying to find its owners! For now it is in a foster home and that is good for us. The lesson I learned from all this, goes along with my core sin, is stop being lazy and get tags for my dogs.
Big Rat! This is a reminder of why we chose BIG dogs! Aren't they so cute? Heart dog tags! Lesson learned. Amazing how He uses everything for good.

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Dina said...

awww..she is kind of cute, in a big ole rat kind of way!!! LOL

glad she got a place!