Thursday, March 12, 2009

Watch out below!!!!!

Final cut, they laid down the bulk of the tree. Amazing how they are able to measure the length and know where it will fit. Look how close it came to the next tree. This portion was 27 feel long.
This was an upper portion that they cut and just let it fall to the ground. Every time a big log fell it sounded like a bomb and felt like an earthquake. You can see some of the other chunks in the back round.
Look at him way up in the tree. He was having way too much fun up there!
As he is going up he is clearing away the branches. He started in the tree beside it to clear some of those branches and then swung across to the other tree. CRAZY! If you ask me.

We are so glad this tree is finally down. We can sleep a little better knowing that a good wind is not going to knock it over. We also got a really good quote from the guy to cut the other 6 trees in the back yard down. I will be saving to have this done in the next couple of months.

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