Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Waterpark at the Villages

My friend Terri knew of this indoor water park in Tyler, TX. She wanted to go and invited the boys and I to go with her! It was so much fun. The drive was only about 2.5 hours south and it was a tree lined drive the whole way, absolutely gorgeous. It was only $20 for general adm. and $17 for Zachery (kids). cant beat that for some fun!
This is Parker coming out of one of the "body" slides. all smiles, all day, such a happy kid!
Parker on the lazy river.
Me on the lazy river! The water was so warm, it was perfect!
Bailey in front of the sigh and the play area. There is a BIG bucket at the top of this play structure that dumps every 10 minutes or so. It was so loud and so much water falling!
Marcus coming out of the slide.
Marcus and Bailey racing down the slides!
Zachery coming out of the slide! This was the first time that he got to ride "big" slides and he was so happy!
Parker and I racing down the slides and I won!!
Marcus and Bailey hamming for the camera! Happy boys = happy moms!
We all cant wait to go back here! It is a time share resort that has the water park. I plan to arrange for a "tour" so we can stay here for free for the weekend and come back and play some more! Don't you think that is a good plan? Me and free= perfect!

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Dina said...

oh my goodness - how fun! I had no idea that was in Tyler. Let's plan to meet there some time!!