Saturday, April 4, 2009

Fun Saturday

Today was a fun day. This morning we went to an Easter egg hunt at a local church. Pretty interesting how they were able to tell the story of Jesus with a dozen eggs. I liked it! Then we went to another Easter egg hunt at the local park! It was a big one. TONS of kids and tons of eggs. Boys were having fun with the Armadillo from Texas Roadhouse
Starbucks was there....and they were making FREE drinks!!!! So of course we had to stop by for that!!
All the kids sitting on the bench with the Starbucks. Good thing it was free! And yes they were on a sugar high for a while!
This was at the park egg hunt. We walked around the pond and looked at the ducks. Zachery and Parker were watching John David so he did not fall in.
Marcus and Matthew looking at what was in their eggs. Zachery was watching since he was grounded he was not participating.
Our friends that we went with: Erin and Parker. This was at the church.
Again at the church. Lots of candy!
Everyone is happy and ready to have fun looking for eggs. Like our baskets?

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