Thursday, April 9, 2009

I really am blessed

So this is an email I just read received from a very special friend! God really has me in the palm of his hand and has placed the perfect people in my life and the perfect time. So like HIM!

I just wanted to tell you that I read your blog this morning and looked at all those great pics of the kids! Wow! We have such a great life EVEN THOUGH we get so frustrated!

However, I got really sad reading your blog about Zach. I know how frustrating and sad it can be for us dealing with ADHD children (you know I KNOW!), and you know I have felt right where you were that day too, but I wanted to just remind you that God CHOSE Zach for you! He did not give him to any other person. He gave me B and he gave you Zach. And, if we trust him, LIKE WE KNOW WE SHOULD, we will know that He, as He promised, would not give us more than we could handle. He knows WE CAN HANDLE them even when we feel we cannot.

You are a wonderful mom to Zach! You are consistent and firm and you provide him structure and boundaries and lots of love - I notice how you hold him and give him affection. I have always been told that is what ADHD children need. And while Zach may struggle in school not fitting into the little MOLD of what society expects from our children, he is sweet and caring and giving and SMART, and I just find a lot to be positive about with him.

I know and I KNOW YOU KNOW I do struggle sometimes with seeing the good in B when people around me are always pointing to the bad, but know that there is a lot special that I can see in Zach and he will soar in areas that "typical" children do not.

You know a scripture that helps me - "in our weakness, He is made strong." So, if we just continue to give our little ADHD angels over to God every day like we should, God will do in them what we cannot.

I just pray over B a lot this prayer "Lord please bridge the gap between what I am able to provide and do for B and what he needs." And, I believe He will do that for us both!

So, BE ENCOURAGED, you are a great mom and God is just making us both stronger!

I love you! You are just bringing so much into my life and into my kids' lives AND SAVING me some money! I am SOOO appreciative for yesterday! Be encouraged! :)

REALLY??? Could I have been given any better of a friend than this??? I am so lucky! Thanks T!! I love you too!

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