Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Weekend of Camping!

Here are some pics of our camping weekend. Were were out there for 4 days three nights. Had a blast! Enjoy:
Zachery caught a fish!

Mark and the boys fishing for dinner.

This is the campsite and our view of the lake. It was georgous.

Here is our ol' faithful trailer that does not let us down. We used the lights, stove, sink, and the toilet! It all still works!

This is were the boys slept for the weekend. This tent was given to us from my Uncle Jim! We would not have been able to go camping without it! The boys dont fit in the trailer anymore!

This is the nice room also donated to us by my Uncle Jim and Aunt Cathy! Thanks :-) It even has this cool little covered area to keep the coolers in, It was perfect! Zackery enjoying the campgounds and his bike! Marcus had his scooter.

Zachery is the trailer eating or something.

Mark and Marcus flying the kites. Mark's brother (Uncle Mike for the boys) bought them these for Christmas and we finally got to use them! It was so beautiful out and a fun time for us all.

Marcus posing by the lake! He is getting so big and becoming a young man!

Mark and Marcus with the kite!

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