Thursday, April 30, 2009

Family Nights

When Mark and I decided that we were moving to TX one of our selling points is that we would be able to spend more time together as a family since I would not need to work. We started having Tuesday Family Nights as our special one night a week to do what the kids choose. We usually go out to eat because the community resturants have "kids eat free" on Tuesdays and you know I am always looking to save some money.
This week we ended up at McDonald's becuase my Mom send the boys gift card to here for Easter. It is their favorite place and as you can see they were very happy! They ordered their own food and payed for too! I had to chip in cause they eat adult meals now that cost more than kids meals!
Before dinner we went to the movies and saw Earth! We really enjoyed it. Zachery made it through most of it but at the end he fell asleep. I should have know better but I tried to fit it in before his daily "crash time" It didnt work. Can you tell the sun is in our eyes?
Mark and I!
The kids never say no to an offer of a bike ride! However, someone told Mark this week that you have to be 14 to ride on the I need to make a call to the DMV and find out for sure. Cause since we have moved here the boys have been on MANY rides.... we dont need another ticket.


Marsamifw said...

Great pics! I love the idea of letting the boys have a night for them. Very cool. I sent your blog web address to Uncle Jimmy. I miss you all!!!! Hugs, Mom

Jen said...

You two are looking great, so are the boys! I want to see Earth :)