Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter....HE is Risen!

Today started off with a great Easter service at church. Worship was awesome, moving, and got right to my heart. After church we BBQed in the rain some Carne Asada and it was yummy! Then we had an Easter Egg hunt in our front yards. Over 200 eggs for three kids!
Tarrance and Maria joined us for the day along with Dayna. Maria got here this morning and Tarrance came over when he got out of work!
Mark and Zachery decided to practice casting their new fishing poles (courtesy of my Uncle Jimmy!)in the front yard as if it were a lake. I mean I know it was raining and all but there was no water in sight!
Mark fishing for grass in the yard!
Kids having fun with the eggs. Who needs baskets when you have reusable grocery sacks???
Well he couldn't reach it but he really wanted it, so he climbed the tree for it!
Skipping right along!
Is Dayna so cute!!
Do you think he needed to go potty? LOL
Great Easter Day with friends. We are happy and our love tanks are full!


Dina said...

fun easter!!!

hey, the canvas grocery bags hold more goodies!!! :)

Marsamifw said...

These pics are GREAT.. I laughed and laughed. LOLOLOLOL I am happy everyone had a wonderful Easter... Yes, He is risen indeed...

Jen said...

God Bless you guys! I LOVE the eco friendly easter egg hunting bags :)