Saturday, July 12, 2008

Gone Fishing

Bella is fishing for some dragon flies.Marcus and Zachery are picking what bait they want Dad to put on their fishing poles.
This is what I got to look at while they were fishing and working on the poles. Poor Me!
Dad showing the boys how to put bait on.
Marcus is fishing. It took him a few times to learn how to cast the rod, but he got the hang of it quickly.
Zachery fishing. It took him a little longer to figure out how to cast.
They are sitting waiting for the fish. Guess how long they say there?? Not long!!
Zachery having a good time.
We were fishing for about 1 1/2 hours and didn't catch anything but we had a great afternoon spending time together as a family. After this we took Bella home and went to Golden Coral for dinner. Mark and I had worked in the yard from 11-3 and we were tired and did not want to cook. The days of me doing the yard work in two hours are long gone! Tomorrow is tree trimming day.

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