Thursday, July 31, 2008

Job Update

My bosses told me today they were going to talk to the "power that is" at our company and see about buying out my employment contract with the agency. Please pray that they offer me a wage that is descent for the amount of work and responsibility this position comes with. I really like working here and hope it works out for the long term. I should know something on Monday or Tuesday, I hope!

Mark is still looking for work and doing a home repair job for our pastor. He is really enjoying it! I hope he gets some referrals from this to keep him busy till the perfect job comes along.

I just whooped Marks butt in Scrabble. I beat him 248-193! :-) I rock, I know....JK

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Jen said...

Didn't I leave a comment on this? I forgot what I said. I love scrabble!