Sunday, July 27, 2008

Weekend Full of Fun

Saturday was a day of yard work. They always are! But this day we found this moth looking bug on one of the trees. It was big and creepy but it was a beautiful green.

And of course Marcus was on the lookout for more bait. He found this worm. Yes that is a worm in my kitchen. He went and filled a bag with dirt, put a little water in it, then in went the worm. He fished with it on Sunday. In the middle of the hot day Mark took the boys fishing and I got to stay at home and watch tennis with Bella. Marcus caught three fish today! He is so excited about it!

This is Mark with Bella after the fishing trip. He needed some puppy love and she was more than willing to obliged. Yes, that is the bed he has his feet propped on.

This is Bruce and Kim. They are a couple that go to church at Calvary. They invited us to come over to their house for pizza. So after tennis and fishing we drove over. Had we known how close they live to us we would have walked. They have a beautiful home and three girls.
After we ate, the boys went out side and played in the back yard. All around the back yard are horses and dogs from the neighbors house. Kim gave the boys some carrots to feed the horses, but you know my boys and that was not good enough. They took the carrots and pulled a bunch of grass and made a salad for the horses. It was pretty funny, and thoughtful, and the horses loved it. It was a great evening out of the house and now we can say we have some friends. We all had a great time! Thank you Bruce and Kim!


Jen said...

That moth thing is a cecada! or secada...they make pretty music at night :)

NicoleC said...

wow, lots of fun things coming into you life, I see. Hey God Bless your new friend from church. That's great you guys are making friends so easily. But, it's not hard to make friends with you guys anyways.
Have a beautiful week. Love ya

Marsamifw said...

I think it is great that the boys are being introduced to horses. I hope they learn to ride. I still love to go riding. You could teach them to ride, do you still remember how?? You know anytime I go home I always go riding with Lori. I love you Sweetie! You sound happy.