Friday, November 21, 2008

Brain Fart!!!

So I completely forgot that I had a laptop I could use while the computer was in the hospital getting well, until tonight. I am sitting in my bed, nice warm sheets that my mom gave us for Christmas a couple years ago. Thanks Mom!! It is 31 degrees out and very cold. This last weekend we bought all the windows for this house and Mark replaced 3 so far. That means 6 to go. We can already feel the difference in our bedroom. We have been very busy the last couple weeks and I have just not had the time to update the blog. I am back on track now. Tomorrow we are leaving for a visit with Mark's Dad who lives in Houston. We will be there till Monday. The boys have a Pack Meeting Monday night so we need to be home for it. Then we will leave on Wednesday evening for a visit with Mark's Sister's mom for Thanksgiving. Lots of travels. Please pray for safe highways. I will be sure to have pics when I get back.

Our tenants have called and said that the dishwasher is not working at the house in California and that they are having some electrical issues. We know an electrician and called in favor and he will be fixing it all tomorrow. Hopefully it wont cost us too much money. We want to keep the renters happy so they will stay in the house at least another year or more....

Oh! We are loving our fireplace!

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