Saturday, November 8, 2008

He is Zachery....

...and he is behaving!After we dropped Marcus off at the Preston Hunt Camp Grounds (Boy Scouts) we went to the grocery store! He was in charge of the shopping list and making sure we did not spend more than I had allocated. He did an awesome job.We are so happy that gas in now under $2 a gallon we needed to take a pic and show the world!
When we got home and after we unloaded the groceries, he helped clean the bathroom by scrubbing the toilet. I cleaned the rest of the bathroom.
We went to pick Marcus back up at 2 but when we got there, they told us the classes were not over till 3. So instead of going back home, Zachery took me on a hike of the camp ground.
He was so proud to be the hike leader showing me the way.He even had a big stick to ward off any stray animals that might try to attack us.
Once we got to the top we took a pic of us sitting on a tree. He had been telling me the whole way up that there was a bench at the top. When we got there, I asked where it was and he pointed to the tree that had fallen over. :-) All I could do was smile and sit with him on it.

Once Marcus was done with his program we were driving away and we saw this beautiful tree with the orange leaves still on it. I had to have a pic of them under it. I am loving having a true "fall" season.

Ozell, Mark's Mom, should be here in about 2 hours. Almost done cleaning!


Jen said...

Great sense of responsibility for the boys :) Texas looks beautiful, and that toilet looks nasty!

Angie Funches said...

Yes it was. It is the toilet for the boys and they pee everywhere. I usually make them clean it.... But today I am cleaning the house so I will clean it.