Sunday, November 30, 2008

KJ-52 Baby!!!

That's right!! We got to see Kj-52 right here in little ol Texarkana, TX for $5 each. We saw a flyer advertising the concert at our favorite BBQ place, Smokey Joe's, and on our calendar it went. It was a very small intimate venue compared to Fish Fest where we saw him last. The boys really enjoy his hip-hop Christian music. Before we left for the concert we made this poster. We only had like 5 minutes so it is not the greatest.
The boys were happy to have it!
Before the show, the church had the fellowship hall open with games and snacks while last minute sound checks were being done. Since I was on a date with my two boys, I bought them each 2 pieces of pizza and a soda for $1.50 each. That means we had our "date" on $18!
The church brought in this awesome lighting that really made it feel like a true concert.
He even rapped about our poster. I reminded the boys at the last concert he had a song he uses items from the audience for. I also warned them that he ripped the poster in half at that concert. So when he took our poster, they knew what was coming so we didn't have any issues, if you know what I mean.When the show was all over we bought a little poster of "Tweezie" that he signed and we got this great picture with him! All in all it was a great Friday night out with Marcus and Zachery, a much needed bonding time with mom and sons. If you are wondering where Mark was, he was sleeping, trying to recover from our Thanksgiving travels and no sleep before we worked a 12 hour day.
This is the boys less than 20 minutes after the concert. In PJs, in bed, asleep, with the dogs. All 4 of them in a twin size bed. Why do we have two sets of bunk beds when they prefer to sleep together in 1 bed??? I dont know....


Whittaker Woman said...

OH, how fun! I love the after picture of them out! So fun! H

Marsamifw said...

Great pics Ang! Way cool about the boys meeting KJ-52. I remember the fun we had at the last concert. See you all in a few weeks!!! :-)