Wednesday, November 5, 2008

God's Daily reminders

Yesterday was a great day of reminders of why God sent us to live in TX, away from California, our friends, our family, our church, and everything we knew as normal. Some days I must be still and listen to Him remind me of the blessings we have and the ones to come. For now we are enjoying the fireplace we dreamed of, I know, shallow, the beautiful fall colors of the leaves on (and off :-) ) the trees, the changes that are coming with a new president, and the quality family time we have come to love.

When I sit out front to read a book or listen to music, this is the view in front of me. A reminder of God's masterful artistry and wonderful use of colors.
How do you like our fancy firewood holder? In addition to a wood holder we are in need of a fireplace utensil set. Is that what they are called? Anyways, we need one. :-) it is on the growing list.....

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Amy from Texas said...

Hi. I saw your comment on Whittakerwoman's site. I'm a Dallas girl too (well... Plano/Allen). Just wanted to say hi:-)