Sunday, November 2, 2008

Missing Kenya

Today I received a call from a friend in Kenya. I forgot how much I miss Kenya and her beautiful landscapes, her wonderful people, her amazing wildlife, and the never ending opportunities to serve her people. I miss Kenya tonight, like I missed her the day I left to come home.

I hope to make a trip back someday soon.


Jen said...

OH MY GOSH- elephants!!!!

And that picture with the giraffe and the zebra is awesome Angie- seriously. You should blow it up and frame it for the boys room or living room!

Melissa said...

Those pics are gorgeous! I want to go with you. I would love to do missionary work with you there. :)

Angie Funches said...

I would love to take you with me! It is so humbling and eye opening to work for Jesus there. There is so much one can do, with an open mind and heart for the people. For now I will keep praying.