Saturday, November 29, 2008

Its decorating time!!

I am really starting to enjoy this whole decorating stuff. There was a time when I was happy with just a tree and nothing else. I think over the years of being married and having kids I have really learned how to love them through creating a warm and festive environment. Our house is all decorated with what decorations I do have. I cant seem to find our stocking holders and stockings. But I will keep looking and hopefully find them.
Marcus got to help with putting the tree together. He really likes doing this part.
Zachery was in charge of separating the lights from the ornaments and making sure they were not tangled and that they worked! He really enjoyed this since he got to do it by himself with no help.
They all still work!!

Here is the finished product! It looks great. Mark and the boys did an amazing job. My job was putting the ornaments on! Our Angel topper is not working so we have to get a new one. I still have the little tree that my sister gave me two years ago. It fit perfectly on the CD stand and it nice to have in this room since we spend lots of time here. I need to get a few more ornaments to put on it. I only have 3 right now, and no topper. Remember, I am a work in progress!

Least but not least, is the dinning room table. Simple and sweet, nothing to big and fancy. That's all I have for decorating. Maybe after Christmas I will have some extra money to shop during the discount days for holiday stuff. We will see what I have to offer this time next year! Hope you are enjoying this holiday season as much as we are. Have you put up your tree yet?


Jen said...

Angie! We just put up our tree, too, and guess what- its a fakey! I love it, too! Go green, buy fake trees. Or something like that :)

Marsamifw said...

The tree looks great. I am only going to put up the samll trees this year. No room with the sewing machine up and running to put up the big tree. I love and miss you. I am happy you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with Mark's family. And I truly enjoyed all the pictures. Love and Hugs! Mom