Monday, November 10, 2008

Random Fun

The boys got dressed after breakfast to go to the movies. They had no sense of style when they put this wardrobe together. We made them change.
Zachery raked up these pine needles, put them in this box, taped it shut and then told Dad he had a present for him. He said he wanted to give Dad this present so that when it was time to start the fire he would not have to go out in the cold to get the pine needles.
After dinner and showers we all enjoyed the fire and Marcus read his book to us. The only problem is that we do not have a light in this room so that is why Mark is holding a flash light!
Bella loves to be covered up and warm. She slept like this for a couple hours!

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Marsamifw said...

Zack is very thoughtful getting those pine needles for his DAD. I love my grandsons!!! They both think of others... Hugs, Mom