Sunday, September 14, 2008

After the storm

This morning we woke up, made a breakfast, and got right to work outside on the tree that fell over. We knew how big the oak tree was and we knew it was going to be an all day job. As soon as we got out there, two of our neighbors came to help us. One brought his chain saw and the other brought his knowledge of the best way to tackle the tree. At about 11 Pastor Craig and his wife, Tonya, came to help. 9 hours later we had the wood cut up, some of it even split for fire wood, and all of it in the back yard. It was a lot of work, and we are so thankful for our neighbors and church family. We got power back at about 3 this afternoon and the boys were happy about that. So now we have the boys cleaning the house and we are resting. Mark has a full day of yard work tomorrow and I have work.

Mark and Steve got right to work. We were supprised to have our neighbors helping without us having to ask!

This is when Mark drove the truck in the back yard to off load the wood. I guess it was not a good idea to drive on the soft soil with a HEAVY load! Oh well, we are still learning how to live in the south!
The Lord is amazing, and always turns negatives to positives. Look at all the good wood we have! We will be able to burn it all winter. Everyone told us we have at least $500 worth of wood.
Now we have to deal with this tree, that is uprooted and leaning on the pine next to it. We were lucky the wind did not push it on to our house!
Can you see the roots being pulled ->
<- Can you see the trees hugging? That is not good.


Marsamifw said...

I am so glad that you have wonderful people all around. God does take care of us doesn't he. I hope you offered some wood to your new neighbors. I know if they have a fireplace they could probably use some. Love you all! Mom

Ozell said...

I'll be praying for those hugging trees to stay put. God is good and always there with helpers for each of us.