Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Difference #3 with FRUSTRATION

Today I went to the school and spent time with the boys. I was in each class for 30 minutes and sat there, did not move, did not say a word, did not get to sit next to the boys. It seems in TX there is no such thing as parent involvement in the classrooms. In CA I could be in the class all day, could help the students, could help the teacher, put together homework packets, clean the room, anything they needed. Not so here. I guess the schools are in such good shape they do not need any outside assistance. Maybe I need to be grateful that the school is so much better and deal with my issues about not being able to help. My other issue is my plan was to not work at all and be with the boys all day at school and home, and be the stay at home mom and volunteer for my church. I really felt like this is what God wanted for me. But now that I have realized I cant really be with them, would God want me to sit at home and do nothing all day? The church we attend is not in need of help, we are too small right now. I can and do help when help is needed, like today I will be there for 2 hours. Maybe this is why God gave me the desire to go to work during the summer. I don't know. Here is my request. Can you please pray that God would show me the way? That He would show me what I am to be doing. That He would give me clarity that what I am doing is what He wants, not want I want. That I would be obedient to His will. Thanks

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Jen said...

I learned an incredible amount of respect, self control, and GREAT leadership skills in the south. I think they do it a little different- kind of like parenting- it should hopefully help. Pray about where you should really be- I know you're a great worker. Maybe part time?