Friday, September 26, 2008


Yesterday Mom and I went to have lunch the boys, went grocery shopping, napped for an hour and then did nothing for the rest of the day! Today we played games all day, after I woke up at 10:30!! It was so nice to sleep in. First we played 4 games of scrabble. I won the first one and then Mom smoked me in the last three. How can you win when she is coming up with words like these: whelch(to take back, lie or tattle) Yule(Christmas festival) Niles ( a type of river) Quip(snotty) Grue (??) and viol (type of paper)??
I knew I was in trouble when she started the board with YULE!!
My vocabulary is not good enough to play with her. I need to study more words. After I gave up on scrabble we started Yahtzee. This was much funner, quicker paced, and I won a few games. Then we got the boys and played Yahtzee JR. That was fun, but I had a headache from the noise of the dice. So then I decided that we needed to play Uno!! A game with no racket, except their mouths! After the second game lasted ah hour we called it quits. It is now 10pm and I am ready for bed. :-) It was a good day.

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Jen said...

Is it yule or yuel? The board says it wrong so if that's how she started- start deducting points LOL

I am glad you had a great game day!!