Monday, September 8, 2008


It's Monday, day 11 of the school year. I got a call today from Mrs. Norton. Guess who Mrs. Norton is? The one, the only, fab principle of Nash Elementary School. I wonder why she is calling me?? I called her back at 4:30 but she was gone for the day. I will try her in the morning. I'm praying she is calling to tell me how wonderful my children have been. :-) Will you join me in this prayer?? Thank you!

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Jen said...

LOL I know why she is calling you!!

I am gonna send you guys some family yoga tapes. I swear, yoga is my answer for everything :p

And YES, I am praying for you- and, I love the boys. AND, it seems like they transitioned very well. I can't wait for more updates!