Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Prayer answered

Ok, I called Mrs. Norton this morning and she wanted to talk to me about volunteering in the classroom. I told the boys to ask their teachers if I can come in on Wednesday. Turns out, you have to make an appointment with the principal to be in the class rooms. I did that. The bad part? I am only allowed to visit on occasion.... Not every week like I wanted. Right now, I feel they are crazy to not allow parents in on a regular basis. Maybe they are right, it will be a distraction. Or they may call me and say your kids really want you here and they change their position. In the mean time, I can have lunch with them every day if I want, and so I will every Wednesday. What fun we will have during lunch breaks! I will continue to be praying for their teachers, that they learn Mark and Zachery's personalities, ways, and how they handle life.

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