Friday, September 19, 2008

Blessings over and over

Last night I prayed in bed that God would show me the way to honor him. I prayed that I would be steadfast in my faith and trust in Jesus and that there is a plan in place for our family. I was reminded during this quite time of the peace I had before moving to TX and knowing that God wanted me to be home with the boys and focus on family and church. Once I got here, I moved away from that plan by going to work. Maybe me loosing my job was God saying to me, "trust Me my child, for I have plans for you and I revealed them to you, and you are not following them." As He is speaking to me, I have to remind myself that His plans are better than any I have. I said to myself, I will use this time to work more on my relationship with the boys and Mark and take care of things that I have been putting off.
1st blessing was while I filed all my paperwork I came across my traffic school forms. I knew I needed to get it done but when I found it the time limit had already expired. I said a quick prayer and asked God to please allow me an extension and I promised I would do the traffic school first thing in the AM. I called the courts, explained that I have moved and the forms got to me late and I did not have enough time. They were gracious and gave me a 30 day extension. As soon as the boys were on the bus this morning, I started the online traffic school and was done with it at 1:45. I spend almost 5 hours getting it done.
2nd blessing was when I took a break at 10:45 to go have lunch with the boys! I really wanted to finish traffic school, but I know I needed to spend this precious time with them too. I was blessed to see how the teachers and staff work together at the school. There is a 1 hour break between when Zachery and Marcus eat so I sat and observed how the school runs. This school takes the time to teach the kids such manners as waiting for the rest of the students to sit at the table before they start eating! I could not believe my eyes. They were not prompted to do it, but when they did the VP saw it and announced this to the Principal and each student received an ticket for "excelling in manners!"
3rd blessing was when I finished traffic school and passed the final exam I made a phone call to the Arkansas Unemployment Office to try and file a claim. I figured what could it hurt to try? The gentleman was so friendly and patiently answered all my questions. He then told me that I had to file in California. I called CA, but the lines were busy and I had to keep calling, and calling, and calling, for about 45 minutes. Finally I got through and sure enough I did qualify for UI since I was laid off. I had no idea that I could still file even though I lived in TX. I do believe that this was God rewarding me for not being bitter toward SRT, handling the situation respectfully, and above all, trusting that He was in control and had a better plan for me. Mark and I are reminded each and every day that God is carrying us through every challenge and success since we moved here, and still feel like we are being uplifted for being obedient to His calling for us. Would you please continue to pray for us? Thank you

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Jen said...

God is taking care of you! Remember when I prayed for a way out of bartending and I got laid off for similar reasons? God definitely answers prayers- I can't wait to see whats next!