Monday, September 29, 2008

Road Trip

Sunday started with an awesome service at church. Then we loaded in the car and took off to Shreveport, LA for the day. The drive there was beautiful and was only 1 1/2 hours, not too bad for the boys. We saw this house and I had to have a pic of it! The first stop was Toys R Us so they could use their gifts cards.

According to Map Quest this building should have been toys r us. But instead it was a dead end with an out house. Not good. It was a nice scenic drive to get to this location and saw many beautiful houses and pastures.

We stopped and asked someone for directions to the toy store and we finally got there. Thank the Lord because the boys were getting ansie. Within two minutes of returning to the car they had the toys opened and on and playing. It was paradise!

Toys R Us was in Bossier City so when we were done there, we went across town to downtown Shreveport and spent the day walking the Red River Boardwalk, going to the Art and Garden Museum, and driving around looking at all the historical places and buildings. It was another good day!

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Melissa said...

Shreveport is the Pratt family hometown... Now I have TWO reasons to go visit you - I can see all my family at the same time. Didnt realize you lived that close. :)